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You started to take more than you gave. You took almost everything away from me. Eventually, you took everything away from me. You told me that as long as I let you control everything in my life, everything would be okay. It has become clear that everything is not okay.

Breaking Up with Addiction: Writing a Goodbye Letter to Addiction

  • When high or drunk, it’s virtually impossible to focus on anything outside the sensation, and when in withdrawal, the rest of the world fades away as the need for more drugs dominates.
  • Instead, you can start to focus on your future in recovery.
  • The relationship between you and I may be at an end, but it is not too late for me to rebuild my relationships with my family members and friends.
  • You threatened me with illness, depression, anxiety.
  • I will not let it because I am stronger than you and I am saying goodbye.

Preparing a goodbye letter to addiction sounds like a wonderful idea. But you might not know where to start. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, use these writing suggestions to get started on your goodbye addiction letter. Going to a recovery clinic and getting treatment is frequently a critical step toward quitting the addiction.

Goodbye letter to addiction worksheet

Feel free to update your letter or write new ones as your life changes. Ending your relationship with addiction isn’t easy, but it will be the best choice you ever made. If you are struggling to get started, we are here. Our Texas detox center helps people begin their journey to lifelong recovery. Along with helping you feel better, writing a breakup letter to addiction could also help your therapist. Especially in the early stages of residential addiction treatment, some people struggle to open up.

  • You became the hardest relationship I have ever had to experience.
  • Streamline problem-solving in clinical settings.
  • Download our template for precise evaluation and treatment planning.
  • It is a personal goodbye letter to alcohol and drugs, as well as a physical acknowledgment of the damage they have caused.

Tips on How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Drugs

Several benefits come with being sober, and if you are in early recovery, you may already be experiencing some of them. In your addiction break-up letter, you can discuss these as well as your goals for the future now that you are sober. This can keep you motivated in your recovery as well as help you feel power over your addiction as you recognize that you have a brighter future ahead of you.

a goodbye letter to my addiction

You’ve been around for quite some time now, and I thought you’d never leave. If I returned to you, I know I’d be hooked again. But every day I will keep doing what I have to do to keep my obsession at bay — counseling, 12-step meetings, etc — so that I never have to see you again. And so that I can be there to help others who you might victimize. You sent me to the hospital more than a few times.

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a goodbye letter to my addiction

My love/hate letter to caffeine – The Spectator – UWEC Spectator

My love/hate letter to caffeine – The Spectator.

Posted: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

I hated you and what you had done to me, but I was too scared to leave. I was scared of what life would be like without you. I watched you dig my grave as the days went by, but never once did I try to fill it back up.

After a while, you started to tell me that I didn’t need anyone else. I should abandon my friends, shut out my family. You advised me that I was too smart for school.

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