Time Attendance

Solution Introduction

Time Attendance is a combination of software and device. The main purpose is to store, manage, and analyze employee’s attendance records automatically. The system includes functions such as attendance record, holiday management, multi-shift setting, and more. It will automatically record employees’ attendance record, analyzes record base on the assigned shift, and generate an Excel report. It can effectively improve the work efficiency of the HR department and reduce human errors. Ouzim’s time attendance devices adopt the latest biometric technology to identify each user with unique biometrics (face/fingerprint/palm) to ensure that each attendance record is authentic and accurate.

Solution Features

1. Save hours of planning and eliminate spreadsheets

2. Reduce the cost by accurately monitoring your staff time and attendance

3. Huge deductions on management cost with automated

4. Easily integrate with other applications

5. Processing prevents proxy attendance / buddy punching

6. User defined report to increase user convenience

7. Ensures T&A data and access records storage and backup feature for stable performance 

8. Increases employees’productivity with precise T&A management

Applications of the Time Attendance


Companies set commuting hours to regulate employee attendance


The factory is used to simplify employee attendance and improve employee efficiency in the workplace.


Attendance system with the real-time monitoring function, the bank can obtain attendance reports or employee information anytime and anywhere through the software.

Administration Building

Our Time Attendance System offers flexible attendance policies, work shifts, and leave applications to meets the disparate needs of different organizations.

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