Temperature Check

Solution Introduction

Temperature Measurement is designed for high-speed fever monitoring and crowd scanning in 0.5 seconds. Through its thermographic detection camera, it captures and initiates facial recognition, temperature detection and mask verification.
The solution can be further integrated with various systems including automated building access controls, trend analysis through database tracing and facilitating health declarations.

Solution Features

1. Face/ Mask temperature check

2. Quick installation and setup

3. Protect health and safety in Covid pandemic

4. Provides highly accurate body temperature detection

5. Fever screening in real time

6. With a contactless and more hygienic mode of authentication

Live Face Detection

Liveness Detection is especially crucial in industries where security and authenticity are paramount, such as in financial transactions or accessing sensitive information. For instance, when someone is trying to access their Hilton timeshare account online, liveness detection can ensure that it’s the actual owner trying to log in and not someone using stolen credentials. This technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to examine and determine whether a live person is present and not a “spoof” or a fake. By incorporating liveness detection, Hilton timeshare platforms can enhance their security measures, providing a safer and more reliable experience for their users.


Fintech & Bank & Crypto
Shopping Malls
Government & Security
Travel, Aviation & Hospitality
Healthcare & Insurance
Catering & Restaurant
Park & Zoom
Retail Shop

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