FaceEngine T5

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Multiply Recognition Types





Face Recognition

1.2 GHz Dual Core CPU, 0.5~1M recognition distance with matching speed < 0.3s. Dynamic face recognition support remote user registered through profile photo uploads. Built-in IR and visual cameras, wide dynamic strong light suppression with 99.9% authentication accuracy. 


Face Capcity


recognition speed




recognition distance

Adapt to Mutable Environment

T5 device can recognize facials under the complicated environment of the bright, dark and back lights by controlling infrared LED.

Temperature Measurement

Built-in infared temperature detection sensor, when FaceEngine T5 detects abnormal forehead temperature, the door will keep close while there is a voice prompt warning. Conversely, when detecting on normal temperature, the device will control the door open.

0.5~2 Meters temperature detection distance, 30℃~50℃ temperature range, ±≤ 0.2℃ temperature accuracy.

Liveness Detection

OUZIM adopt face liveness detection system to determine that the visitor is a physically present human being and not an inanimate picture or data.
ouzim T5 live detection 3
T5 right detection

Real person fast recognize

Reject inanimate picture or video

Mask Detection

FaceEngine T5 can fast detect people whether wearing a mask and remind to wear. If visitor no wear a mask, the device will not allowed entry, if visitor wear, it will allow them entry after verified.


Model FaceEngine T5
Product color Silver black
Identification mode Face / mask, fingerprint, card, passcode, temperature measurement
Max. users 10,000 face + 10,000 fingerprint + 10,000 card + 10,000 password
Communication method 13.56 MHz Mifare card (standard), 125KHz ID card (optional)
Face recognition distance 0.5-2M
Face recognition speed < 0.3s
Temperature detection distance 0.5-1M
Temperature range 30°C-50°C
Face recognition speed ± ≤0.2°C
Recording capacity 200,000
Capture records capacity 50,000
Support language English, other languages can be selected
Operation system LINUX
CPU Dual core 1.2GHz
Storage capacity 16G
Comparison method 1:1 or 1: N
Display 5" TFT capacitive touch screen resolution 720*1280
Dimensions (W x H x D) 86mm x 201mm x 22mm
Weight 500g
Working temperature -20°C~60°C (4°F~160°F)
Appearance Slim and elegant design
Performance 360-degree rotation identification
Camera Dual camera (VIS & NIR)
Functions LCD display / speaker voice / beep sound
Power input DC12V/2A (DC9V-14V)
Relay 1 relay out
Communication mode Support USB, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP
Wiegand One group of wiegand input / wiegand output (26/34)


FaceEngine T5 Unpack and Install


ouzim System Configurations T5


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