BioEngine 3

OUZIM BioEngine3 is a multifunctional fingerprint access control device featuring high performance and rapid recognition speed, dynamic living face recognition, biometric identification. BioEngine 3 provides class-leading performance and security with 2.8 inches capacitive touch screen


High Performance Face Fingerprint Recognition

Well-developed Attendance Management System

Palm Vein Recognition Technology

OUZIM’s newest generation of palm vein recognition technology has been fully upgraded in all aspects in terms of recognition methods, supports palm vein recognition.

Touch Screen Operation

BioEngine 3 supports advanced touch screen technology to make it easier and faster for users to use. OUZIM’s touch screen technology is the assembly of touch panels and display devices. The touch panel is overlaid on the electronic visual display in the processing system, and LCD display.

High-definition Imaging Face Recognition

BioEngine 3 supports dynamic face recognition and built-in infrared + color dual high-definition camera. When performing face recognition, the 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen will display your high-definition image.

2.8 inches LCD display high-definition with 300,000 pixels

Fast and accurate biometric face recognition


Model BioEngine 3
Identification mode 1,000 Facial/ 10,000 Fingerprint/ 500 Palm Vein/ 1,000 Card/ 1,000 Password
Product color Silver black
Communication method USB, TCP/IP, IC+ ID card
Recognition speed < 0.5s
Recording capacity 200,000
Support language English, other languages can be selected
Operation system LINUX
Storage capacity 8G
Comparison method 1:1 or 1: N
Display 2.8 Inches capacitive touch screen
Dimensions (W x H x D) 192mm x 82mm x 30mm
Weight 450g
Working temperature -10°C~45°C (37.5°F~113°F)
Appearance Slim and elegant design
Performance 360-degree rotation identification
Camera Infrared + color dual high-definition camera-300,000 pixels
Functions LCD display / speaker voice / beep sound
Power input DC12V/2A (DC9V-14V)
Relay 1 Relay out
Wiegand One group of wiegand input / wiegand output (26/34)



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