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As the name implies, an access control system controls who enters a site/building and specific areas within those premises and at what time, barring unauthorized visitors without impeding the flow of those who are authorized. 

OUZIM  is proud to provide multiple options when it comes to finding the best access control solution for your business, ranging from door intercoms and card and proximity tokens to biometric and facial recognition from leading manufacturers.

Your business needs access control if you have employees, suppliers or other visitors and you want to control the entrant’s access a certain location, room, area or site, or limit that access to certain times or days.

Preventing unauthorized access to a site helps protect your people, property and assets from damage or theft. Additionally, it may also act as a safety measure, preventing people from going near a potentially dangerous area or equipment. 

Yes, you can integrate your chosen access control solution into one system for all your security needs, including:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Intruder Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Time and Attendance
  • And more

1. After the access control is restored to its original state, enter "Access Control Function" and choose to cancel the alarm
2. After the access control is restored to its original state, restart the device

  1. Check whether the WiFi communication settings of the device are correct
  2. Check whether there are network communication restrictions in the router settings
  1. Check whether the network cable is normal
  2. Check whether the computer and the device can be pinged normally
  3. Check whether the routing settings are correct 


Warranty Period:

Ouzim Technology provides warranty service to the end customer according to the stated conditions 18-month period from the date of handover (invoice date).

Warranty Range:

All products are sold by OUZIM:
A) Supply various consumable materials;
B) Periodically carry out inspection by email or telephone calls and provide advice and maintenance;
C) Defective parts can be returned to the factory to be repaired or be replaced;
D) Lifetime maintenance will be provided after the 18 months warranty period expires.

Warranty range doesn’t include the following:
The cost of the wearing parts is not covered in the warranty; Do not repair failures caused by physical damage, improper operation, unauthorized changes to the product, and attempt to repair or other natural or manmade disasters.
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